Our webpage was overtaken…but here we are again…

It was a joke ! – we do not give up ! – like we were saying before the whole crap happenend !


We want to tell a  true story about a german deathcamp inmidst the City of Hamburg Germany !

The Name is GPZE and it is located in a rich part of town called Harvestehude !

They do work with torture -especially when you move out and begin to realize what they had done to you !

I had to stay in there for whole seven years……not being heard by a normal judge before.

I came in there because my alcoholic-mother- was telling them: My daughter took a knfe against me-and she does not want to eat proberly-so we want to get rid of her. Someone who does not want to live has to be killed.

It never happened- I was a cheerful, five -plates-eating very beautiful Young Lady with a detailed plan for life !

Other than my  Family I had hugh plans with my life – and I had planned it in Detail.

And I knew exactly what I wanted:I

I was twenty-one,and I planned to have my own Little flat,while doing some Promotion-Jobs,to earn Money for my dream,making Music and studieng herbs and essential oils-and healing peolpe with it.

Personal my wish was to meet David Carradine and jamming with him.

Maybe working with Steven Tyler-and have a great time before having three Kids before the Age of 42.

So far-that have been my plans and my big wishes.

I got None of them.

I even lost my health- I am a diabetic-liver-damaged Person with a wholla lot of unabilites eating things.

My lawyer told me-they were trying to put me into the aids stage.

You know what aids really is:

It is when each of your organs is a little bit damaged-and when all are so damaged you cant even get rid of a cold – than they say you have aids !

They whave different names for it:

Aids in ending stadium -or metabolic syndrom or multiple organ failure.

And here is my story: being tortured and almost killed in a home for the incurrable sick

-as they call it secretly.

Officially hey called it Psychatrie !


And I will describe it detailed how bad peolpe were treated there.

I was treated there like in a deathcamp of 1942 !

Hear,before Assassinates willl get me( three of my freinds are already dead-they had tried to tell the truth-I will do the same-but staying alive while doing it !I can tell you that !)



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