Well, Christiane Carradine, it is not professional mixing up private matters with working matters !!!

Yes, we absolutely agree with that message !

And we will chance that behaviour in the very moment we do sell the album officially.

But, until that moment,we are a bit private -and that has two reasons:

Someone had tried to kill our singer  four times in the last five years –

and we do think that is dangerous !

And, we are certainly not willing to let that happen once again !

Second reason is – it has been a funtime-project first – and

we wanted to meet some other nice folks

to have a good time !

We still wanna do !

It is a bit tricky……but we talked about it,and came to the conclusion that we are going to close the private site for an official

one when the record is ready for selling .

But, of course we stay friend with everyone who will be our friend in the meantime !

Friends will be friends…….(as Freddy Mercury put it once…).

And ,we do hope that the guys who do not belong to our friends doesn´t wanna make such a mistake once again !

missing our ship !  It´s a wonderful party here – you surely didn´t want to miss a second time !

(…pssh,…and now I want to sneak to my bed to have a little funtime with Thomas Magnum-series…

and I will have some meatballs with ketchup stealing from the refridgeator….have a good night,folks !)

Christiane Carradine


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